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Builds Endurance

No matter what martial art you’re practicing, endurance is a necessity. Here at [insert school name], we understand that in order to win a match, you need a high level of skill AND conditioning. Regularly training in kickboxing provides you with a level of cardio that is sure to protect you from losing strength during a match and not being able to execute those techniques you’ve spent countless hours mastering. Our kickboxing classes will keep you on your toes – covering a wide variety of exercises such as interval training, jump roping, core strength drills, and both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.


Although Kickboxing isn’t a ground fighting style, it provides students with many lessons that prepare them for potential attacks or altercations. To begin with, Kickboxing allows its practitioners to use their hands, feet, and knees for various punches and kicks. This provides students with the tools needed to defend themselves from an attacker with a swift punch or a powerful kick. Not to mention, Kickboxing emphasizes awareness, mental sharpness, overall body strength, muscle memory, and the proper timing of a kick or strike. Furthermore, Kickboxing imparts important techniques and helps individuals react quickly and effectively.

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